Superstition Mountain is actually a collection of rough terrain that has gained the name of a single mountain. The contour of the region takes in thousands of cliffs, peaks, plateaus and mesas and even today, much of it remains largely unexplored. Despite the tendency by many to call this a range of mountains, it is in reality, only one. It is certainly not the highest mountain in our region, but it has the reputation of being the deadliest. Over the course of several centuries, it has taken the lives of many who go never to be seen again. According to history,  there exists a fantastic gold mine here like no other. It has been dubbed the "Lost Dutchman Mine". Over the years and thanks to its mysterious location, it has been the quest of many an adventurer. When you are not searching for the "Lost Dutchman Mine" why not play a friendly game of bridge here in the Valley of the Sun.    

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