2017 New Hope Benefit Slide Show

$2500 was raised for the Newhope Community Center during Elizabeth's Saturday game on March 25. Here are a few of the highlights:

2 Kings and a Queen bearing gifts
A happy trio
Aren't they a happy couple?
Barb and Lori (Our food suppliers
Barb Gray pays 50-50 to Dean
Boss Hen (Barb Gray)
Check in line getting longer
Check in process
Colin is lost
Colin awarding winners
Dean Haaser - 50-50 winner
Director call
Director getting advice
Eg Wager says so
Get a room
Greeters (Jerry & Marv)
Hard Thinking
Heavy Drinker
Jerry blessing the crowd
Judy and Shirley shaking down the players
Kitchen with bosses
Lets get serious
Man with 2 first names (Ed Arthur)
Moon shot
New Hope administrators (Tom and Mark)
Ottley claims prize from Gray
Ottley gets a prize
Our chief(John Euler)
Our commander in chief (The Hemerson)
Our happy director(Elizabeth)
Penny Smith sucking up to the director
Professor Kroger
Raffle prize table
Shirley and Judy milking the crowd
Time to pose
Where is my table?
Whers my partner?
2 Kings and a Queen bearing gifts
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